1.  Contact our office at 306-435-3838 to get an Appointment setup.
    - Once we have scheduled your first virtual appointment, you will receive an email from Medeo Health.  The info in         this E-Mail will walk you through the process and help you download the correct app.
    - Open that email and click one of these as it relates to the appointment email sent to you: 'See Your                                   Appointment', 'View Appointment', 'Accept Your Appointment in Medeo', 'Confirm Your Appointment in Medeo'

2. Setup a Medeo Account if needed.
     - Create a new account (or sign in to access your pre-existing Medeo account)

      Please Note:  If you are already setup for online booking with us - use the same account to log in to the app.

​      If you are booking on behalf of a dependent - Click Here

3. Sign in to your Medeo Account - https://ca.medeohealth.com or in the App on your device.
     - Once you are signed in, you will see either an upcoming appointment or a recent message from your healthcare          provider

Note: If you signed up without your healthcare provider's invitation, you will not be able to see anything on your dashboard. Your healthcare provider must send you an invitation or a message in order for you to get started

Moosomin Family Practice is Excited and pleased to announce that we are now offering Virtual Care appointments for all doctors at our clinic.

Please click the link below for a step by step "How To".

Apple App                            Android App                        

Some Helpful Links

Medeo Virtual Care

Please log in 10 minutes before your appointment start time.

Call Us:  1-306-435-3838

What do you need for your visit?

 1. A space that's quiet and private

2. High-speed internet (Wi-Fi or LTE)

3. A computer with Google Chrome, webcam and microphone OR

4. An iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet with the Medeo app

Moosomin Family Practice Centre